Addressing Healthcare Crisis: The Urgency of Resolving Doctor’s Strike

Addressing Healthcare Crisis: The Urgency of Resolving Doctor’s Strike

July 27, 2023
Nigerian healthcare sector

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Addressing Healthcare Crisis: The Urgency of Resolving Doctor’s Strike

The Nigerian healthcare sector is facing a critical challenge with the ongoing strike by the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD). As the backbone of our healthcare system, doctors play an essential role in ensuring the well-being of Nigerians. The strike has left many medical facilities understaffed and unable to provide adequate healthcare services to the citizens. In this blog post, we will explore the urgency of resolving the doctor’s strike and the crucial steps that need to be taken to address this pressing issue.

Nigerian healthcare sector

The Impact of the Strike on Healthcare

The strike of resident doctors has had a detrimental effect on healthcare services across the country. These doctors form a significant portion of the medical workforce in tertiary hospitals, including teaching hospitals and federal medical centers. Their absence has led to critical health services being suspended, putting patients’ lives at risk. With a population of over 200 million people, Nigeria currently has only 24,000 doctors, resulting in a worrisome doctor-to-patient ratio. The strike has also exacerbated the shortage of healthcare professionals, leaving citizens without access to quality medical care.

Addressing the Aggrievances: A Path to Resolution

To resolve the ongoing strike and prevent future occurrences, it is imperative for the federal government to engage in meaningful dialogue with the leaders of the resident doctors. A swift and lasting solution must be found to meet their demands and address underlying issues in the health sector. One of the key demands is the implementation of a one-for-one replacement policy for healthcare workers. This would ensure a continuous supply of medical personnel and alleviate the burden on existing doctors.

Prioritizing Healthcare Investment

Investing in the healthcare sector is crucial to ensure the well-being of all Nigerians. The federal government should prioritize funding for healthcare infrastructure, capacity building for medical professionals, and the formulation of policies to enhance healthcare delivery. By doing so, we can attract and retain skilled doctors and improve the overall quality of healthcare services.

Humanitarian Implications of the Strike

It is essential for the resident doctors to consider the humanitarian implications of their strike action. Patients’ lives are at stake, particularly in the face of the diphtherial disease outbreak affecting some parts of the country. Suspending the strike would allow patients to receive the medical care they urgently need, mitigating the impact of the disease on vulnerable populations.

The Way Forward: A Call for Action

As concerned citizens and leaders, we must take action to address the doctor’s strike and safeguard the health of our nation. The Senate, in collaboration with relevant committees, should conduct a thorough inquiry into the root causes of the strike and provide sustainable recommendations. Additionally, the Federal Ministry of Health, through the Center for Disease Control (CDC), must swiftly implement measures to contain the spread of the disease in affected states and ensure adequate medical supplies.


The ongoing strike of resident doctors has created a healthcare crisis that demands immediate attention. To ensure the well-being of Nigerians, it is crucial for the federal government to engage in constructive dialogue with the doctors, prioritize investments in the healthcare sector, and swiftly contain the outbreak of diseases. Resolving the strike is not only a matter of restoring healthcare services but also a demonstration of our commitment to the welfare of our citizens. Together, we can overcome this crisis and build a stronger and healthier Nigeria.

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