Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job in 2023

Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job in 2023

February 28, 2022
Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job

Free digital marketing certifications that will land you a job in 2023!

Digital marketing is an exciting area filled with bright individuals that work tirelessly to remain ahead of the competition.

Hiring managers for digital firms and businesses are increasingly looking for applicants who are up to speed on the newest trends, methods, and news. If you’re having trouble getting a foot in the digital marketing door, it’s most likely due to a lack of relevant abilities on your CV. Spending time obtaining a digital marketing certification will keep you up-to-date on the trends and technologies utilized by the leading digital marketing organizations.

We depend on top-tier talent to keep going ahead as a digital marketing business serving customers around the nation. According to our experience, resumes with low-cost yet authoritative certificates help applicants stand out in 2022.

With hundreds of courses and certificates all touting the same advantages, finding the finest online marketing school that works best for you is almost impossible. That’s why we decided to compile a list of the finest digital marketing courses and certification programs that deliver genuine results. There is a course for everyone, whether you want to be a social media manager, a Google Ads specialist, grasp marketing automation, or just become an online marketing certified professional.

Here is our list of the top 25 Digital Marketing Certifications that can help you advance your career and land a job:
Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job in 2023

1. Google Analytics IQ Certification

For someone who wants to be a digital marketer, you’ll quickly learn that almost all aspects of digital marketing depend on “big brother” Google in some way.

To be successful in digital marketing, you don’t have to be a marketing analytics whiz. However, in order to enhance and expand marketing methods, it is critical to understand how to assess campaign metrics as well as monitor KPIs. For people who pass the final 70-question evaluation, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate shows that they can use Google Analytics in a real-world way.

To get started, create an Academy for Ads account and go through the Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics courses to get ready for the test. Before you apply for a job, we suggest that you take the course. It is a skill that is needed to run an effective marketing campaign.

Where to go: Google Analytics Academy profile to start
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: 4-6 hours

Google Ad certificate

2. Google Ads Certification

As previously said, you must get intimately acquainted with the numerous Google tools.

A well-executed Google Ads campaign (sometimes referred to as adwords certification) may make or break your marketing strategy. Most significantly, advertising on Google produces immediate benefits for businesses trying to increase their return on investment.

You will be assessed on both your fundamental and advanced understanding of Google Ads in order to pass the program. You must understand concepts such as online advertising’s value proposition, campaign setup and administration, measurement, and optimization.

When you pass the Google Ads Fundamentals evaluation and one of the additional advertising product assessments, your certification is complete. Additionally, you must pass with an 80 percent or greater score.

Additional evaluations are accessible via Academy for Ads in the areas of Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, and Shopping Advertising.

Where to go: Create a Google Analytics Academy account to start
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: 4-6 hours

3. HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

You have already heard it, and you will hear it again.

“Content is king,” since it has an impact on all other internet initiatives.

More precisely, relevant, high-quality material is king.

Content creation is a critical component of digital marketing strategy, and employers want people with strong writing and communication abilities.

The HubSpot Certification program is divided into twelve distinct areas that will keep you current on best practices and research. They are experts of the inbound technique, and being able to use the Hubspot marketing tool effectively is critical in today’s industry. This makes the program ideal for aspiring content marketers looking to get a better understanding of the value of content marketing and assist businesses in increasing marketing ROI.

HubSpot offers a variety of programs across the range of digital marketing, and the greatest thing is that they’re all free. You are the only one who is impeding your progress!

Where to go: HubSpot Academy
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: 4 hours

Google digital bridge

4. Digital Garage: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certification

Google’s Digital Garage provides free training on almost every aspect of digital marketing.

If you had to choose just one certification program, it would be Google’s Digital Garage, due to its breadth of offerings.

The training modules are ideal for individuals seeking to master all of the fundamentals in one location. The range of topics covered includes analytics and data insights, as well as display advertising.

The course is certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University and covers a total of 26 subjects.

Beginners interested in learning the fundamentals of digital marketing and marketers wishing to brush up on basic skills will like the interactive style and design of the courses.

When it comes to recruiting for employment roles, marketing organizations such as Brandastic place a premium on certifications from reputable platforms such as Google. If you’re not sure where to begin with your digital marketing education, Digital Garage is the place to start.

Where to go: Google Digital Garage
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: varied

Youtube certfication

5. YouTube Certification

Around 80% of firms utilize graphic assets in their social media marketing, and this trend isn’t going away anytime soon.
Video is the most effective and engaging kind of content. Ability to develop a complete video content strategy is a highly sought-after work skill in 2019 and beyond.
If you’re unfamiliar, YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google, and having a certification from the site instantly increases your faith in the organization.
According to the organization, YouTube’s Certified Program is geared to educate all creators and users on the site. These lessons will educate you the most up-to-date industry best practices and provide you with in-depth industry knowledge. Three primary strategies are available: channel growth, content ownership, and asset monetization.
Certification is available to only certified YouTube and Google Advertising partners. If you achieve the standards and are accepted into YouTube Certified, you will be able to continue working as a Google partner until the program concludes.

Where to go: YouTube
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: varies

Hubspot inbound marketing

6. HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

HubSpot has bestowed upon us yet another critical certification.

Instead of just advertising a brand, product, or service, inbound marketing is a technique that draws visitors and possible customers. HubSpot is widely recognized as an authority in inbound marketing, and the certification is great for anyone seeking to stay current on industry best practices.

The course is structured into seven modules that cover all you need to know about inbound marketing, including the fundamentals of inbound marketing, creating client personas, and comprehending the buyer’s journey.

Everyone is welcome to enroll in the course and take the exam, and anybody interested in digital marketing should be acquainted with the topic.

Where to go: HubSpot Academy
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: 2 ½ Hour

coursera digital marketing certificate

7. Deep Learning Specialization Certification

Another excellent Coursera AI-related course is the Deep Learning Specialization offered by and The NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute. It was created to educate students about the foundations of deep learning.

After completing the five courses, you will have a solid grasp of convolutional networks, RNNs, LSTM, Adam, Dropout, BatchNorm, and Xavier/He initialization. Bear in mind that this course is designed for marketers with prior expertise in a comparable field and may be too complex for novices.

We recommend starting with the Stanford and Coursera Introductory Machine Learning Course before going on to the Deep Learning Specialization courses.

AI’s relevance will only grow in the next years, which means that the information you gain in this course will be useful for years to come.

Where to go: Coursera
Cost: Enroll for Free
Time Commitment: 3 months

Twitter flight certification

8. Twitter Flight School Certification

Twitter Flight School teaches you how to make a lasting impression on the social media platform’s 330 million users.

Twitter provides two unique ‘paths’ for digital marketers to build traction and begin advertising on the service. The Marketing Leadership program is appropriate for anybody interested in using the social media platform’s commercial potential. It consists of five 10-15 minute lessons, and as a result, the whole program should take around an hour to complete. The Executive Leadership program is designed for anyone seeking to enhance their personal brand and just takes ten minutes.

Twitter Flight School highlights best practices and real-world examples from firms to aid digital marketers in efficiently incorporating social media into their jobs. Simply log in with your Twitter account to have access to the two unique courses.

Where to go: Twitter Flight School
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: The Marketing Leadership program lasts 60 minutes, while the Executive Leadership training lasts 10 minutes.

Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job in 2023

9. Quintly Social Media Analytics Course

You might run the finest social campaign ever, but you’ll never be able to monitor or report your results unless you have a basic understanding of analytics.

Quintly Academy’s digital marketing course covers all of the fundamental concepts of social media analytics, making it ideal for beginners or experienced marketers seeking for a refresher. Quintly’s online course teaches you how to monitor and assess your performance objectives across social media platforms like as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and others.

As a digital marketing business that manages several social programs, we appreciate the value of a marketer who understands analytics. The ability to quantify your digital approach is a very useful talent for a social media marketer. It provides you credibility and a method to back up all of your judgments with solid, measurable evidence.

Where to go: Quintly Academy
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: Work at your own pace

10. Bing Ads Certification

Although you probably didn’t expect to find anything about Bing on this list, the search engine still has some value for internet marketers.

While it is not the biggest search engine, Bing has seen considerable growth as a result of its purchase of Yahoo and integration capabilities with Microsoft digital marketing products. Bing’s accreditation program educates you how to optimize your return on investment while advertising on the platform. The best part is that it is entirely free!

Simply study the free courses at your own speed to prepare for the test to finish the certificate program. You then have an unlimited amount of time to complete the free Bing Ads certification test and pass with an 80 percent or better score.

Where to go: Bing Training
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: Work at your own pace

11. SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course

The SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course will teach you how to use the SEMrush suite of digital marketing tools to their full potential. The lesson plan consists of 14 unique video courses developed by a team of SEMrush pros and contains modules such as learning, constructing, and measuring on the platform. Best of all, you’ll be an expert SEMrush SEO user in only 3 hours, and the training is completely free. Users may also study the materials and go further into themes, as well as quiz themselves on what they’ve learned.

After finishing the course, you’ll be ready to take and hopefully pass the SEMrush Certification Exam for SEOs. This certification assesses you on all parts of the SEMrush Toolkit course, including research, campaign creation, and success measurement.

Where to go: SEMrush SEO Toolkit Course
Cost: Free
Time Commitment: 3-5 hours

Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job in 2023

12. The Unbounce Landing Page Course

In this interactive training, Unbounce co-founder Oli Gardner will teach you all you need to know about landing pages. Follow along with step-by-step instructional videos to assist you in creating your own landing pages. Landing page basics, page architecture, call to action design, lead capture forms, landing page copywriting, and other topics are covered in distinct courses.

This program is recommended for any businesses that want to enhance conversions without investing any additional money. Best of all, the course is self-paced, so you can do it at your own leisure.

Where to go: Unbounce
Cost: Free
Time-Commitment: Self-Paced

13. HubSpot Email Marketing Certification

The HubSpot Email Marketing Certification tutorial shows aspiring marketers how to develop an email marketing plan that can help build their company and maybe their career. Everything to do with contact management and segmentation, through deliverables and email send analysis, will be covered. By the conclusion of the training, you should be able to design an email marketing plan that is human-friendly and gives you the information you want. The full course comprises of 9 lectures, 27 videos, and 9 tests, upon the completion of which you will get a presentable certificate. Begin taking this free course right now!

Where to go: HubSpot
Cost: Free
Time-Commitment: 3 1/2 hours

Free Digital Marketing Certifications That Will Land You a Job in 2023

Those who are qualified will be given opportunities

One critical recruiting best practice has been agreed upon by recruiters and hiring managers. On paper and in person, marketing experts that receive recognized and authoritative credentials or certificates are more enticing prospects. This is especially critical today because quickly growing technology such as AI is changing the way all marketers operate.

It’s an exciting moment to be a digital marketer, but it’s also one of the most difficult. With new approaches and best practices being released on a daily basis, staying ahead of the competition is critical.

On the positive side, we think that individuals that put in the additional time and effort to improve and expand their digital marketing skills will be rewarded double over. These qualifications will not only help you get a job, but they may also help you make more money if you currently work in marketing.

Remember not to overburden oneself by enrolling in too many classes. Instead, choose one or two topics that work best for you and devote all of your time and energy to mastering them. On the other hand, there are plenty more valuable courses available online, but we recommend starting with these certified alternatives.

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