The Rise of Nigerian Entertainment Industry: A Look into its Global Impact

The Rise of Nigerian Entertainment Industry: A Look into its Global Impact

March 17, 2023
Nigerian entertainment industry
Nigerian entertainment industry

The Rise of Nigerian Entertainment Industry: A Look into its Global Impact

Nollywood, Afrobeat music, and other types of entertainment produced in Nigeria are gaining popularity on a global scale, contributing to the growth of Nigerian entertainment industry in recent years. The sector is extremely important to both Nigeria’s culture and economics, and it makes a sizeable contribution to the country’s gross domestic product. In the following paragraphs, we will take a more in-depth look at the Nigerian entertainment business as well as its influence on the entertainment scene around the world.

The Importance of the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria

Nigerian entertainment industry constitutes a key aspect of its culture, showcasing the country’s rich history and customs. The entertainment industry has an essential function in bringing people together and developing a feeling of national identity in Nigeria. The sector has also contributed to the growth of tourism, luring tourists from across the globe to experience Nigeria’s rich cultural history.

The Nigerian entertainment industry has also played a significant role in promoting the country’s image abroad. Nigeria has been able to fight unfavourable misconceptions about the nation via music, movies, and other kinds of entertainment.

The Economic Impact of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Every year, the Nigerian entertainment sector contributes billions of dollars to the country’s economy. According to a research by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the industry’s value was $8.5 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $10.8 billion by 2023.

In Nigeria, the entertainment sector employs tens of thousands of people, including actors, singers, producers, and directors. Indirectly, it generates employment in the hotel and tourist sectors. Infrastructural investments, such as studios and production facilities, have expanded as a result of the expansion of the sector, further bolstering the nation’s economy.

Overview of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry

Maybe the most well-known element of the Nigerian entertainment business is Nollywood. It is the second-largest film industry in the world and annually produces hundreds of films. The industry produces films in many languages, including English, Yoruba, and Igbo, and in a variety of genres, including as drama, comedy, and romance.

Another prominent part of the Nigerian entertainment sector is Afrobeat music. The genre, which began in Nigeria in the 1970s, has garnered worldwide recognition because to musicians like as Fela Kuti and Burna Boy. Popular in Nigeria’s southwest area are Fuji music and Apala music, two other musical styles.

Also included in the Nigerian entertainment industry are fashion, art, and sports. Nigeria has produced a number of world-class athletes, such as footballers Jay-Jay Okocha and Kanu Nwankwo. The country’s fashion sector has also garnered worldwide attention, with designers like as Lisa Folawiyo and Deola Sagoe exhibiting their designs abroad.

How Big is the Entertainment Industry in Nigeria?

In recent years, the Nigerian entertainment business has become more well-known on a worldwide scale, making it one of the biggest in all of Africa. It is believed that the sector provides work for more than one million people, with Nollywood on its own providing work for over 300,000 individuals.

The music business is also an important contributor to the entertainment sector in Nigeria. The value of the music business was estimated to be $47 million in 2020 by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and it is anticipated that this value would increase to $86 million by the year 2023.



The Nigerian entertainment industry is an integral element of the culture and economics of the nation. From Nollywood to Afrobeat, the sector has achieved worldwide acclaim, showing Nigeria’s own cultural character and dispelling unfavourable preconceptions about the country. As the business continues to expand, it will play an ever-increasing role in Nigeria’s economy and worldwide standing.

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